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Company History

Paradigm designs and manufactures pollution control devices for diesel and gasoline engines. Our customers save money on diesel fuel and engine maintenance and improve their productivity.

Paradigm was founded to provide unique pollution control devices for the diesel engine industry. Diesel engines are used worldwide as the workhorse of transportation, construction, mining, industry, marine and agriculture. While diesel engines provide the ultimate in performance and longevity, they are inherently dirty engines resulting in two sets of problems. First, their exhaust gases contain hazardous pollutants such CO, NOx, and carbon particulate matter (PM) or soot which are associated with childhood asthma, respiratory disease, cancer, emphysema and cardiovascular disease. Secondly, complicated pollution control systems and devices are required by the EPA to control these hazardous pollutants.  These systems and devices are expensive to operate and maintain and they use more diesel fuel.

Paradigm technology reduces PM soot in exhaust. As a result our customers can use their engines with reduced pollution while saving money on maintenance, saving money on diesel fuel and improving their engine productivity.

The Paradigm Team

John H. Erbland, Co-founder, President and CEO

John Erbland is co-founder of Paradigm of NY, LLC. with primary responsibility for commercialization, finance, manufacturing, sales/marketing and overall business operations. John has a successful track record in the leadership of large and small, early stage and mature technology businesses. He has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and has attended Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Business and the University of Rochester, Simon School, MBA Program.

Vince Pilletteri, Director, Sales and Retrofit Engineering

Vince is Paradigm’s sales and engineering leader for US markets.  Vince has twenty years of experience in sales of high technology equipment and products in automotive, aerospace and other industries. Prior to that Vince worked in R&D and Quality management for large manufacturing companies. Vince is a graduate of Michigan State University with BS and MS degrees in Materials Science and Engineering.

Dick Scott, Senior Product Engineering

Dick is Paradigm’s lead product development engineer. Dick worked for Ford Motor Co. as a truck design engineer. He was an officer and US Army Ranger who flew helicopters. Dick gained experience with corona plasma technologies through work with Eastman Kodak Co. and Xerox Corp. Dick attended the University of North Carolina and the University of Texas, Austin graduating with degrees in mechanical engineering and computer science.

Howard Bussey, Product Software Engineering

Howard developed embedded software for vehicular applications at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he also developed analytics for engine and vehicle data. He previously created software for the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, Bell Laboratories, Bell Communications Research, and Eastman Kodak. He has Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Universities of California and Minnesota.

Bernard Gridley, Ceramic, Electrical and Product Engineering

Bernie’s expertise is materials development and product engineering; Bernie holds an M.S. in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University and has 15 years experience in manufacturing-focused engineering, research and development of materials-based technologies with an emphasis on transitioning products and technologies from lab-scale to manufacturing.

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